Delete Clubs When Owners are Inactive or banned

Layla R 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 6 days ago 3

It's so frustrating when you can get in the club without anything to do. For example, in the EU site, there's the T.C.T.C club. The owner of the club and there's nothing to do currently on the club. So, it would be great.


I don't think it's a good idea for clubs from people who are inactive to be removed; they paid real money for it and might return to WoP sometime. Sometimes they'll even have put in a lot of effort before becoming inactive. For banned users, maybe that can be discussed with management for each individual case, as it's possible that they had a huge club before being banned with information in there that people would like to save or something - or if the banned person was the owner of a house club, it could be passed on to the next leader of the team or the HoH.


I see your point and I agree, the clubs shouldn't be deleted if it's a club ppl wants to participate in, then they should pick a new owner between the members and ask MoM (or what it is called on the other sites (espicially the non Potter sites)) if they could make this person the owner and then a link to the discussion forum or so