Alerts of Chat Misuse

Cameron/Mikaela 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 20

Lately, I've noticed there a have been a lot of trolls in the chat. Staff members will fix one problem, leave for less than a minute, only to be called back for yet another misuse of chat. Some of the things the trolls say and do can be triggering, or at least have in my case.

What if we had a something that immediately deleted a message that included certain words? Once the message was deleted a ping could be sent with a warning, and a ping sent to a staff member regarding a misuse of the chat. This way, not as many people would see the incriminating message, and it would be much easier to "have staff handle it". There could also be a timeout for the person who sent the message until a staff could check to see what happened. 

I believe this could take a lot of stress off the staff who are already working so hard to keep this site safe and fun for all of us. 

I agree with this! The chat has had far too many issues with people not able to see the bad things people post, and than regular people on the site have to worry about it. The site doesn't have the whole staff on hand for issues and it can make the few people online's job harder!


I think something that could help this, is maybe a capital detection feature. So, like, how you can't do /me or /sing before you unlock the feature, maybe something where you can't go over 5-7 or whatever caps, a feature that comes on when Trollmode is on!


Or maybe inser a "report"-button so that if someones chat-post is reported by other users X times the staff gets notified and could step in if needed.


How about just tagging the staff members? It is much easier to do so.
The main people monitoring chat is the staff (the grad staff, for those that are confused), then prefects and then assistant teachers, if none of the others responds, which they probably will.

This is something to help them. Many of our staff members on US are very busy, and getting a million tags isn't the point. This would be an automatic deletion,so staff would not have to deal with the problem and others continuing to comment on it. 

The point I was getting from this was that it was supposed to notify the staff about problems in chat at that moment. As fast as possible. I don't see how the notifying would work better than tagging?

I had an episode where the staff didn't react on tags and it was too much to handle...


I would suggest mentioning this to your MoM, so he or she can talk to his or her staff about it.

You can't be asure they r available 24/7 and it was in the school/work hours for the most, so that would not change. It's not always easy to have someone available and that is why I think this would be a good idea!

Then how would this help? If the staff wasn't available, then how would an alert to them help?

They would have an alert to check it out once they got on :)

But those users may no longer be online, so there is nothing they can do. It would work better if those who witnessed what was happening were to owl the staff members with what happened.


If there is a bigger problem with those mentioned in the alert they could not troll the chat anymore and when the staff then would see the alert, they could ban instead of now where they have to see it emidiately even though they can't be online 24/7


No matter what, then staff still has to see the person do something bad. The alert system could be misused. Would you like that a person alerted staff about you and not seeing that for themselves that you haven't done anything?


An old site I used to be on had a chat-filter that if used words that deemed inappropriate it correct itself and instead said:
"I need to wash my mouth with soap" instead of typed: "** **** *******"

If you continued to post things that corrected to "I need to wash my mouth with soap" (say 3 times) You would get an automatic timeout for 10-30minutes.


Haha that sounds hilarious, we should do something like that (it reminds me of something that might be said by the marauders map or something) that might be a cool idea wop could use

The problem with that is that on WoP you are allowed to swear etc and it would just asterisk those words out. If that makes any sense?

It can be scripted that some sentenses or words in combination only triggers the asterixes. Alone swears can pass through but in combination with something obviously trolling or rude it will get censored.


I do think this would work as so if you start to send the same post over again or to many posts in a row it gives you a small pop up saying something like "Oh no! Did you mean to do that remember that -Rules here- needs to be followed. Have a great day." It could either post the message with a censor or delete the previous 'spam' messages. 

Although I'm pretty sure that WoP is already working on something like this it. In that post it stated a word limit and such :D