Being able to Gift Obols

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I love WoO so much! I play it all day, every day, and I love sending my friends gifts, but, sometimes my friends NEED food, but can't afford it, and even when they go to get free food at the Dining Pavilion, with the timezone we are in, is always at inconvenient times! So, I thought, maybe if we were able to gift people obols, drachma, and minea, it would be REALLY cool! So, at the Bank of America, there should be, Deposit, Withdraw, and, Send/Gift, or something like that. This isn't 100% necessary, I just thought it would be REALLY cool!


I mean generally it would be a helpful idea, but it would also create problems since people could just make 20 accounts and send themselves the 10000 galleons/obols/credits. It would be a valid idea if there was a level limitation to it, to avoid new users sending the money right away.


If you or your friends are in need of some obols, they can do some homework, grade others homework if they're level three, and solve an anagram and riddle each day, along with putting all their savings into the Bank to gain interest each day.

You can already send food, so for now, if you want to help out your friends, you'll just need to send them the food and drinks! 

I wholeheartedly share the same concerns Adalynn has about the users making new accounts for free money. It would make things unfair and too easy to get more money. 


I agree with Adalynn, there should be a limit. Like, 300 maximum or something. Or, someone cannot be sent obols in a certain amount of time, like cuddling pets. If you have been sent obols, you need to wait a certain amount of hours or days to have the next one be sent.

Angela is right but I really like the idea. How about only 100 obles per day?

I had to add this xD


I do tend to gift out food, drinks, pet food. Usually upon requests. The medicine I'm lenitive about but on a case by case flexibility. I have the same concerns about pooling and sending starting pay to a single character.

I do the homework and the trivia for extra money. When I feel I won't make it for the free meal I use that to help make sure I won't faint when I come back on.

I have had minimal appreciation when I do gift food and things. I've also received demands; (some how they see me as only soft)  of which I ignore like in chat when players demand food or cuddles.

There will always be loopholes that can be exploited. Consider who suffers from them. The clutter of one shot accounts. There are those already but thats from disinterested players.

Limiters like level i.e. can't give money til level 5

Number of Times per day is a good option


Just my thoughts and ideas


What about, they can't give money until level 10? So that they have to level up?

what about limited 20 obols a day, level 10?