Forum idea: Hogsmeade alleyway

h.bergstrom95 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 8

Add an Alley as an option in Hogsmeade. You don't always run around at the market outdoors so this alternative would give some threads a more accurate forum :)


Note, this is for HOGSMEADE and not for DIAGONALLEY.

Satisfaction mark by h.bergstrom95 3 years ago

It is translated to simply "Shoppingstreet" (Shoppinggatan) on SE.

It is still Hogsmeade and with that forum you can set it any place you want in the Hogsmeade village. Your MoM can change this to make it have more sense, so perhaps ask your MoM if they can make it a little more broad :P

Will do that, since with the forum name, it feels quite restricted to just one street at the moment..

It does not on SE,  could it have gotten lost in translation?