Ability to adopt banned users pets

Abby Abs 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 10

It is my concern that if we want to have pets, we should care about banned users pets.Do you really want them to faint from noone cuddling them as well?

This is why I have proposed the idea that we can adopt them or possibly move them to the kennel.In the kennel,I also wish we had the ability to cuddle them.  It saddens me to see depressed pets in the kennels.

I do hope we can get some votes on this idea that I am proposing!<3


yes, yes, yes that is an amazing idea


This idea was so cute, that i had to upvote it XDD <3


This is a great idea! I wish we cuddle all the pets in the kennels and save the ones from users who arent here anymore 


That is a lovely idea! I just had to upvote it! It's brilliant.


Or maybe make an adoption center for banned users pets OR pets that you don't want anymore.


as long as its permenant ban


Though I do see how this could be a good idea, I have to downvote it. 

Some people are unbanned, and coming back to find that your pet has been given away wouldn't feel very nice. Especially if it was someone who received a 24 hour ban.

This would also be unfair to people who are banned for being underage, then return when they are old enough. 

It also wouldn't make much sense ingame. Someone is (depending on the site) kicked from school, camp, etc. and their pets just stay there and faint? No, the pets would go with them, making other users unable to have them.


Hi Kayte/Angela,

I do understand your comment.  It will only be the permanent bans.  If we are unable to adopt banned users pets, hopefully they could be transferred to the kennel where we would be able to cuddle them.  Although, the age does concern you, I understand why you downvoted it.<3


The problem is, sometimes even permanent bans are removed under new management or under special circumstances. 

Being able to cuddle pets that are in the kennel is definitely a wonderful idea, but that would need to be suggested as it's own idea.