Welcoming Message for New Sorted Students

Stan Riggs 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 3

Hey there,

I saw a message coming up this sunday, that the quidditch match was about to begin and it was in de great hall chat. That brougt to me the next idea:

I just had an awesome idea. There are a lot of new students that aren't even seen on a day by all the active people on the site.

My idea is to get an automatic message in the great hall chat everytime there is a new student sorted into their house. Because of this, people in de chat can easily see if there is a new student (not a new account) that has been accepted in Hogwarts. They can greet them and because of this the new student will feel far more welcome and are maybe going to stick around on the site. 

Because of this, people can help them find there way on the site, send an owl with information and more. 

Also something, when a troll is sorted into an house, you can get to him faster too.

I think this will be a great idea for keeping people around on the site. And the sorting hat is sorting them in the great hall, so why not really get a message in de chat. Then people can celebrate there new house student. 

BTW: Trolling students who are coming in, will most likely only troll and not get sorted because that's a waste of time for them. So there name is more likely not to appear on it. 

What i mean is:

*insert sorting hat emoji here* George Everson ... GRYFFINDOR!! (something like that)

Or more informal:

*insert sorting hat emoji here* George Everson is now sorted into Gryffindor

If you have any other questions, let me know ;)


I love the idea but I think it would clutter the chat with newly sorted people a lot, especially during the dead chat hours o:


I have to agree with Ada. Even if chat is not silent, there are times when a lot of people gets sorted in a short amount of time. That might fill up chat so quick. Also I believe there are Welcoming teams in all houses who work hard to welcome new people who are sorted and give them information about how to start and they are there if people have questions. :)