World of Olympians Germany

Ines 3 years ago updated by Jelina Emilia Hansen 3 years ago 3

Hello everyone,

I know, WoO.com isn't that big, but I would love it, if it would be possible to run a german World of Olympians website. I am sure, that there are many fans in my country. But I also love the .com Server, they are doing a great Job! :)


As I have understand you have to pay for getting a new site by gather the money or pay them urself... I don't know the ammount, but it is something in that direction ^^


Hi Jelina!

As much as we love that idea, at this point the active userbase is way too low to start a WoO Germany. It does cost quite some money, and we'll have to have way more active members in order to be able to have a country specific website.



It's not my idea so this message must be for Ines, I don't even care about it.