Make Grading Homework More Attractive To Students

Lisa 3 years ago updated by Jelina Emilia Hansen 3 years ago 4

If grading homework was more attractive to students, ATs/teachers would have less work/can concentrate on other things and the students wouldnt have to wait for more than a week until they get the grade.

How would you make it more attractive?



Let the students choose which subject they want to grade. 

Make graded homework more lucid.

Send messages to student who reached level 3 that grading homework is now available.

Teachers could post which students graded the most homework and reward them.

When homework becomes graded faster maybe it will make doing homework more attractive -> bonus!

What ever - just do anything about it.

It is very easy and makes so much fun, just let the people know...


I get ur point, but from my point of view a lot of users needs to learn grading before doing it... Elsewhere their would be a lot more complains and a complain takes 3-4 times longer than a normal grading session