Make more jobs for characters after graduation

khalildhalwani 4 years ago updated by Adalynn Greenwood 3 years ago 4

Make jobs for people who have graduated. For example let people be wand makers and study wand lore, or make jobs at the daily prophet or The Quibbler, let people study Dragons and other magical creatures, Make jobs on Diagon alley, make aurors, or jobs at the Ministry of Magic. You should do this so that people have something to do after graduation.

...you know that Journalist is already a job? But you can always roleplay as those things. If they were to actually become a job colour, then what would they do?

Once you've graduated, you can still get normal "student" jobs such as journalists. 

If they wish to have a job that isn't one of the jobs already on site, they can add it to their Profile Text and use it in RP.

After you graduate (At least on EU) you will be able to apply for a job with info about graduate jobs you can RP as :)