Second Chest

aSTARia 4 years ago updated by Jelina Emilia Hansen 4 years ago 6

Due to the new gift update, my chest has become very cluttered and it makes it hard to find the items I need right away. Instead I have to scroll through countless items to find what I need. I understand that VIP people have the power to rearrange their chests, but some people can not afford nor purchase this. I would like a second chest to put the less important items in. This will help me to navigate my chest easier. 

Thank you,

Astaria Lumos


Wouldn't an inbuilt search/organizing function be a somewhat more elegant solution?

That would also be a great idea! :D

Not all computers necessarily use that to find words and you still have to scroll to find the item. I've also noticed ctrl + f does not work very well on this site as I have tried it numerous times.


Another idea would be to split it into categories, like books, food and drink, supplies and other items. It'd make it a lot easier to find things as you'd know where to look rather than scroll through a jumble of items.


That I can agree on, or make it to the shops names