Notifications for Journalists

aSTARia 4 years ago updated by Jelina Emilia Hansen 4 years ago 8

As a journalist, I like to read the comments on the articles that gets posted. I feel like we should be able to get notifications for the comments and likes on the articles that we write. It will make it easier for us to read the comments and lessen the chance of us dropping galleons to do so! 

Thank You,

Astaria Lumos


As I know you are a journalist on EU, then this is what I think about the idea:
The idea in itself is great and I agree that it is nice to see the comments and the amount of likes on the articles that we write. The problem is just that on EU, then it is the CEs that publish the articles and not the journalists themselves, so it would be hard to make it so that the right journalist would be able to get the notifications for comments and likes. This would probably end with people abusing this to fill up the Chief Editors's notifications, which I know people tried to do, when it was the like feature for articles had been added. I get why you want it, but I don't think it would be really that great an option.

I just commented this, and when the page reloaded, I saw you'd posted it as well! Haha, I completely agree with Valérie.

I understand, however I wonder if we can somehow make it to where the journalists get the notifications while the CE's still post it...

That would be awfully complicated, as it wouldn't be the same coding for notifs as wall posts and topics, because it wouldn't be the one posting who would get the notifs and they would have to come up with a way to assign who the notifs go to. 

As Valérie said, it could also be an opportunity for people to spam with comments as well, which the journalist wouldn't be able to turn off. 


I agree but I like the opportunity to follow as a reader too


What if we were able to follow the article like you can follow topics? Then we would get notifs for the comments and likes!


This is a great idea! However it may be a bit to much to get a notification everytime someone likes the article


Yeah that's why I like the other thought with topic-follow system instead of the wall system.