Not a bug

Removal of Frog Emoji

aSTARia 4 years ago updated by Thomas 7 months ago 15

I feel that the use of the frog emoji is unnecessary and cruel to other users. Why? It's Cringy. It's also very creepy. Any other animal would work a lot better. In fact, if we could replace the frog emoji with another emoji the VIPs wouldn't even miss it. Its disturbing and scares people.


Unless this emoji was meant to be creepy and disturbing, then this is a bug that need to be fixed. 

Satisfaction mark by aSTARia 4 years ago

Idk what you're on about - it's clearly the best emoji we have.


I'm sorry, but its creepy, disturbing, and Cringy


Obviously. (I'm only 3 years late)

Doesn't want to pick sides....


I'm very confused but I was promised cupcakes so.....


This is not a bug and should be posted in the "Ideas" section.


This is very much so a bug. I doubt it was meant to be cringy or to scare other users.


I know a lot of people who LOVE this emoji and I think it would make them sad if it was taken away but I think it is downright creepy so I am not voting.


We get scared for a lot of different things, some r scared of clowns, that doesn't mean u stop the Circus forever. If u don't like when ppl use the frog say it to those who does or close the chat for a while... 

A option could be to turn of all emojis, but honestly I like the frog. They can't move a thing bcs some thinks it is a bad idéa to have it, a lot of ppl love it too. But for now ur option is to ask ppl not using it or close the chat. 


Would you be opposed to making the frog less creepy and more user friendly?


No! We can`t move the amazing frog emoji <3 Its brings so much joy


I think the idea behind the emoji being there is to have an emoji for something that has a great part in the HP series. For example; chocolate frogs and being able to have a frog or toad as a pet at Hogwarts. So to remove such an iconic animal that's part of the series I feel is just weird tbh.


If this is the intent behind the emoji, then it is being used wrong. All in all it still stands that it is disturbing and scares users. If you truly believe that we shouldn't remove the emoji, would you be opposed to making it less creepy?