Homework notifications

Zeny 3 years ago updated by Jada Nightflame 3 years ago 4

When complaining about a grading you get a notification when it's been at an AT, but you also get multiple others which almost seems to indicate if any of the gradings were punished or accepted. At the same time you don't get a notification if your grading has been punished, which would spare having to send owls when dealing with complaints as an AT.

True, you don't get a notification, but it shows up in 'your gradings.' Since the feedback boxes work now, the AT/teacher can explain why they have chosen to punish that person in the feedback box, and the person will then be able to view it in 'your gradings.' Since the person can see it, ATs/teachers don't have to send owls :) 

They aren't saying that the ATs/teachers need to send owls, they're suggesting a notification for when a AT/teacher does finish filing a complaint. I've had multiple users who have consistently graded incorrectly, but they weren't aware that their grading was being punished because they didn't check their previous grading in the 'your gradings' tab. 

A notification would make them aware that it's happened right away so they can check it sooner and correct the way they're grading. 


Ah, right! Sorry, must've misunderstood. Thanks for clarifying ^^


I have said this to a leader on the site I'm on and I believe they in fact r trying to fix it, but I can't promise tho