Like for newspaper articles

Evelyn Black 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 2

Since we can like almost everything now, it would be great if we could also like the articles of the newspapers. I know the jounalists and chief editors put a lot of love and work and time in those articles, so it would be great to show them, that we appreciate it, even if it is just through a like. 

Often people don't take the time to comment, even if they read it,  but a like is quickly given (:


I think this idea is a great idea! I just want to add in, in case this does get started, that it should only be a like button, no dislike button, just because it promotes others to share hate rather than positivity. 

I really think this should be added! It'll boost the writers self esteem and let them know people are reading their work, and it can help show which articles are more popular!