Different Way of Entering Clubs

Sean Wooley 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3


With the way the system is set up now, once you are accepted into a club, and you click on that club, it automatically takes you into it. The information box for that club no longer pops up. With that in mind, there are times when somebody wants to look at the club information when they're not the owner or management. The owner/management could easily go into the club information and look at it, but since we have to reupload the club photo each time, it can be a redundant and annoying process. 


When you click on a club, it brings up the club information like a user that hasn't joined it yet. At the bottom of the club, there can be a button to "Enter Club." This already kind of exists for management for clubs in which the manager is not a member. This way, anybody can see the club info at any time and then enter the club. It does take an extra step, but this way the club info is always visible to every person.  

I've been struggling with this so many times, I'm a teacher and I'm in the assistant teacher club. People sometimes ask me about the requirements for the application and then I have to log in to another user to check the club details.

This feature would make it so much easier.

Another idea could be to have the info page also as a tab inside the club so that it can be viewable from inside the club. 

I know personally I would rather club on the club and go straight into it because it's less time consuming and on slower computers/laptops, club pages take ages to load. 

If you really would like to be able to see the info page, just made it an additional page inside your club. That way, the site doesn't have to be updated and all of the information is still viewable.


Kayte, you actually have a fantastic idea that I hadn't previously considered. Having an extra button inside the club is a much better idea, come to think of it. Thanks for that <3