Basic Text Layout Tools as non VIP

Ethan 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 2

Since I'm already in year 4, I experienced pretty much in the last months and now I want to sum up all the events in my backstory. The problem is, I can't really seperate the them, due to missing Text Layout Tools. In my opinion, non VIPs should have a basic opportunity to design their profile. Headlines, italic, bold and underline should be enough. Just to make the own profile a little bit more beautiful and better to read.


I agree this would be a usefull feature. Some people who don't have VIP have a pretty well written and long backstory, but without a bit of lay-out it's becoming a blur in no-time to read. With only the addition of a few headlines and some bold text it could mean the world of a difference.


Completely agreed, it would make it much easier tonread a non-VIP's backstory!

(I don't think this ides counts as a praise, by the way, but rather an idea)