The World Outside: A glimpse into the past

marialouiseje 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 3

I really miss the opportunity to do topics for something that has happened in the past. It shouldn't be a general rule for all of the topic places, as it would be way to confusing and too big a job for the prefects. But instead it could be cool, if this topic section could be added into The World Outside, allowing both students and graduates to do topics in the past. 

Please note that I'm not talking about traveling back in time by the help of Time Turners, but that the topic simply takes place in events that isn't a part of the natural time here at the side. It would really add a great dimension to the RPG-univers. Perhaps two students want to act out the first time they met before Hogwarts, which wouldn't be an opportunity elsewhere. It's always funnier to act details to one's character by acting them out to make them more realistic instead of a description. 

I know that you can just do this by owls, but I would personally love the opportunity for people to read those things. Maybe another set of rules should be added into this place, so that it's possible to act out already planned RPG. Mostly because it's the past and not the present. 


I think this is an excellent idea, I don't really RPG myself but I do get how a lot of people build their character around the happenings from topics. Making a few about their past, would be really usefull.

Next to that I would love to read about the childhood of graduated members, for example!


I really like this idea! When you open a topic you have to choose a time and place, why not a date?