Locked and Pinned topics

Dyron Adelaide 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 5

It would be nice if the overview of the different topics would show a 'Pinned' or ''Locked'' icon once it's pinned or locked. So I won't have to actually go to the topic to see if it's still open or not.


Looks perfect! :)

Satisfaction mark by Dyron Adelaide 2 years ago

Additional, I don't know if the World websites use fontawesome. But these could be the icons used:
http://fontawesome.io/icon/thumb-tack/ for the Pinned topics and http://fontawesome.io/icon/lock/ for the Locked ones.


I'm bumping this idea because I'm a little in need of this idea to happen.


This would be extremely helpful for prefects with very active topic areas to see which topics have been locked and which haven't.