IT would be Nice in the want chooses you instead of us choosing our wants.

Li Ying Brouns 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 6 1 duplicate

In the books and the movies the want of a wizard or witch chooses his master. In this game we can buy whatever want we choose, but it would be nicer if the want chooses us. That can be done in the same way as the choosing ceremonies at the beginning of the game.

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I thought of that too, would be very nice.


I think that is a lot of work. There are 4 houses, so it's not that hard to join one one by answering a few questions, but there are 35 wands. I don't see myself answering 200 questions to get the right wand.


All the wands have a description, which lets you pick the most accurate wand for your character