1 difficult spell beyond a characters year

rik_veenstra4 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 3

I first like to say that i understand that everyone would be playing a Hermoine or Harry if they were allowed to use whatever difficult spells beyond their own years. 

The idea is to grant students the privilege to select 1 difficult spell that is ONE year above their own. from the ''magical abilities'' list that their character is able to use In Game.  

My Idea is listed below

- Students of their own respective year select 1 spell that is listed 1 year above their own

- Students submit their choice to officials

- The selected spell is officially recorded and added to that person their profile (like a status)

- Students using other spells than the one they have chosen will be punished accordingly

- Spell selection will be in the 1st week of each new Hogwarts year

- Submissions done after week 1 will be dismissed 

Implementing this system would mean quite a bit of work for the site officials who monitor this. Which is why i have added the last 2 points. 

This privilege will only be granted to the students who have submitted their chosen spell during the 1st week of each hogwarts year. Those that haven't have simply missed the boat and will have to wait until next In-Game year. 

Granting this right for students to use 1 spell above their year in IG-topics is as said before, a privilege.. that should be punished heavily when abused

Should a prefect notice a student using any spell other than the one they have submitted. They will be considered to willingly and in full awareness of their actions  ignore the rules.

Abusing this privilege


- 1st year student has submitted and recieved the privilege to use ''protego'' in topics. 

- the student uses ''expelliarmus'' instead of his/her selected ''protego''

- Student loses the privilege to use ''protego'' for the remainder of the year

- Student is unable to submit a new spell for 2 reasons

          reason 1: Students can only submit the spell of their choosing in week 1 of each year

          reason 2: Student has willingly and in full awareness broken the rules

- The student their submission in week 1, 2nd year will be dismissed

- The student their submission in week 1, 3rd year will be granted once again. 

It might seem pretty strict and heavy, but since i would consider this a HUGE privilege, one should cherish it with great respect or suffer the consequences.