Adding Dogs to the Magic Menagerie

Mr. Thompson 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 months ago 8

I would like to have some Dogs available in the Magic Menagerie.

is there any progress yet? :)


Probably Crups though since they’re like wizard dogs


I really love dogs, but I don't think that it is really possible for students having a dog in Hogwarts.

1. You have to spent a lot of time with your dog in RL. I don't think that students in Hogwarts have enough time to go for a walk with them 3-5 times a day. And playing with dem every now and then.

2. A dog in RL needs a lot of space. The dormitories are not really well-spaced. And if dogs dislikes each other it could be a huge problem.

3. Dogs are really noisy sometimes. That could disturb students while learning or even in class.

So in my opinion: if dogs are implemented in the Magic Menagerie. then not as an opportunity bringing them to Hogwarts.


I agree with this. There's already the rule that the pets buyable in the Magic Menagerie are the ones you may have in Hogwarts and all other pets may only be owned by graduates, so adding them to the Magic Menagerie would mean they would be allowed in Hogwarts, which would be very unrealistic in the setting the students are in. They also weren't allowed to be brought as a pet to the school in the series.