Club Requirements For Clubs

Luthor Page 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

I am not trying to be rude, or offend anyone. But I think we need some requirements for clubs!! Such as, after 2 or 3 weeks, you need at least 5-10 members, UNLESS your club is something like a club for a house quidditch team, or a family club. 

What I am mainly looking at is clubs with no use or purpose. For example, the Forever Alone club on the US site. Its a funny joke and all, but just a club that sits there and does nothing is no fun to anyone. It's a waste of space. Having a few requirements for clubs would definitley help out other clubs. Some clubs have barley any members because They copied the same idea from another club, hoping to be more popular. Here are some suggestions:

-A minimum of 20 members at the end of the first month

-It dosent count as an actual member if the club owner uses other accounts to ramp up the members

-A purpose of some sort, such as a Pun Club would focus on puns!

-(Maybe) A staff member with timeout powers included in the club, just so no clubs arent breaking any rules and can help out

What do you guys think?


People paid for their clubs so it wouldn't be fair if they were just removed like that just because their club doesn't meet the standard of x amount of members. I agree it's shitty there are useless clubs, but this to me is not a solution.


I completely agree with Raven. These people paid for it and it should be up to them what they want to do with the club. Perhaps they haven't gotten round to fully setting it up yet. And where do you draw the line...? Some people might want a club for just a group of friends, where they focus on certain things, and not want 20 or more members. 


I forgot people had to pay for their clubs nowadays, that does now seem unfair. I'll have to rethink this now, because some clubs need a way to be managed. I am trying to think maybe something like a reporting club buttons? It can only be used for a valid reason against a club.

Reporting a club because it breaks the rules of WoP: Accepted

Reporting a club because they didnt accept you: Not accepted/punished