chat lagging (august 2017)

Darling W 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 1


Several mentions of lagging have been heard in the Great Hall chat recently, and since it seems to be an issue for many I'd like to point it out to the people who might actually be able to fix it!

Not sure when it started, but I'd say it's been 1-2 weeks 

I for one have found that pretty much each time I reload the site, the chatbox takes up to a minute to "connect". This goes for both house chat, and great hall (I'm hardly ever on the others) 

I'm fairly certain it's not my internet, as I've been using the same wifi as usual. 

I hope it's something fixable, as it gets a bit annoying being disconnected (up to a minute) from the chat every time I click around on the site! Thanks in advance!

Darling Walsh, WoP EU