Edit sign-up page, add links to DK, FR, etc

Darling W 4 years ago updated by James Matthews 4 years ago 1

A number of lost French people have appeared on WoP EU in the last week, probably confusing the EU with the FR. So far we've had French-speaking people present in chat to explain and redirect these people, who mostly seems to have a limited English. Many of them have been greeted in the great hall chat with the words: "English only." which is far from a nice and warm welcome.

I checked the log-in page, and couldn't see anything about WoP existing in other languages. It seems very likely that these French people have simply googled WoP and come into the English EU site, have assumed that you could change the language-settings once you have an account and signed up expecting to roleplay Harry Potter in their native language. 

In my rather short time on the site, I've also come across a few new users who didn't even know WoP existed in their native language when they signed up here.

My request (and advice) is to add large buttons on the sign-up page, with links to the various national WoPs there are and perhaps a short explanation that the sites are different sites, not the same unit with options for languages. While it might be some work to change (and in the future update if new WoPs are created, adding them too) it will make things a lot easier for everyone.


Speak as an English speaker but as somebody new to the site who after submitting various homeworks discovered another version of the site existed - this was infuriating and would be a very easy fix.