Stop the Drop

Emanual 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 4

I really feel like, as much as it's a nice immersive addition to the site to make it feel playful and like you're at Hogwart's where things can be crazy and chaotic and frustrating, it's really not a positive feature. Because, the loss of money by 'tripping' or getting it stolen by peeves, it pointless. It looses money that people spend time earning, and we should be allowed to choose whether we put anything in the back, rather than be forced to make use of the bank because otherwise, we loose our money.

I personally would like this feature to be removed as soon as possible, but that depends on how many other people agree that it's more of a negative feature than a positive.

That is all.

YES. This is a bad mechanic. At the very least make it more rare and reduce theamount you can lose. Not everyone has time to do a lot of stuff to earn that money. I just lost 41 Galleons at once. 10...fine. 20...okay. 40?? NO WAY! It totally cancels out the interest earned and makes it a pointless addition.


OR they could make it possible to 'find' money, that other users have lost - so it's like we loose a little, we gain a little...


See, I disagree a bit here, just because I think this is balanced out by the interest in the bank. As long as you put a majority of your money into the bank, you gain interest on it daily. In comparison, holding a small amount of money daily means either you lose only single galleons or even less, or you just don't lose money at all. It's a weird addition, but personally I don't think it's harming us too much. Although the 'finding' money idea is definitely interesting as well.