WoP game development - why it should happen.

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Just so you know this entire message is going to OOG. I was thinking off a really cool idea today and thought it would be a great one because of a few reasons, one of these reasons being that I know for sure a lot of people are going to support me on this due to the fact that if our community made this a game then your users and site views will 100% go up due to the many times I have seen people, including me, really wishing for a serious Harry Potter which can capture the magic of the films and make you feel like you're really in the experience. It would be a truly magical experience. 

There is guaranteed to be a question that I assume you are already thinking of, this is 'How are we going to go along with this?' To tackle this question I have set-up some detailed steps which everyone who you pick to help you with this project can go through; but of course if you wish to change anything then its your choice.

1) First you would have to establish what platform you're making this on, for example, you could go on Garry's Mod if their is absolutely no-one in this great community who has experience in game production. The problem with Garrys Mod is that you are halted in the amount of content and customisation you can put in the game due the steam workshop maybe not having everything you need already made for you. Of course you could just over come this problem by hiring someone to create the addons for you.
*You can most probably find people willing to help you on these links*
The steam forum has many addon creators looking around regularly - http://steamcommunity.com/discussions/
The Face punch forums is pretty similar to the Steam forums but its more focused on Garrys Mod itself - https://facepunch.com/forum.php
Facebook, I imagine their is someone looking a job like this on Facebook (This is even how I discovered WoP) - https://facebook.com
This is a really easy way, I have heard of making addons in Garrys Mod, we could just it ourselves if we would like to - https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1385203

Another method is Unity or Unreal Engine, these methods are a lot harder but offer a lot more freedom and customization as you would have access to the game source code which we could edit to our liking. There are many good things about Unity/Unreal Engine too though; The first one being, in my experience, Unity/Unreal Engine games tend to most of the time run faster due to the fact that while you're testing the files would be on you're own computer so you would not need to connect to a server else where (but other people would of course) and also the second thing which is very good about using Unity/Unreal Engine is the content, with this method you can absolutely make a game which is a completely different style to any other games now-a-days. For example, the image I have in my mind is a first person role-playing game were you are in Hogwarts and you complete all the same things as WoP but in a 3D setting; this would be a lot more engaging. I also have a few contacts from several sites who have experience in Unity if you would need them.
*You can most probably find people willing to help you on these links*
Newgrounds.com, there is a lot of talented people on this site who can help and if they see you have a large fan-base then they would be happy to help. - http://www.newgrounds.com/
This is a very good article stating many programmers and game developers who you could email easily - https://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/browse/c/web-mobile-software-dev/sc/game-development/

2) Once you have decided on what platform you're using you may need to get a team of people together so they can all work on one project as quick as possible but also making the game to the best of their ability, for example, I would love to help in anyway I can. Maybe textures? Anyways. Here is a list of people which I just quickly form the internet which sounds like a good bet.
Game Designers - The role which comes up with the concept and refines it a lot more than it is now.
Computer Programmers - Explanatory, they make the technical stuff work in the game.
Animators - This are the roles in charge of animating player models and making them suit your desired theme, whether that be realistic or slightly cartoonish.
Artists - In charge of making everything look pretty, once every has done their part in the game development the artists can hide the clockworks and make the look very appeasing.
Audio Engineers - Also explanatory, these people are in charge of making the atmosphere itself to make it match the setting, for example the paintings taking where-ever they may be.
Writers - Not really a massive need since most of the dialogue will be coming out of either the players and the players mouth but we could use them for NPCs like Peeves and all the shopkeepers.
Translator - Quite large and easy to get people for because there are many people playing WoP around the world and also you can simply get someone who is fluent in the language of the server they are in - English and French maybe for example.
Video Game Testers - Probably the most easy part, if you dont feel the need to pay someone just to play the game then you could charge people a small fee to get into some sort of beta and then they can relay whatever bugs and glitches there may be back to you.
All the rest is related to finances and making sure no one runs out of money, I have grabbed this information from https://www.thebalance.com/g00/video-game-jobs-525965?i10c.referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.uk%2F and I greatly recommend you read it as it has a lot of good information in there, more than I covered here.

3) Your choice, seriously, here its all planning and game development and it is really based on what your assembled team thinks.

I have spent a lot of time of this message as I am very much serious and dedicated to getting this to happen, It would be great if you spent some of your precious time reading through it all as there's some legitimate benefits or everyone to this

Thank you so very much for reading.

- Benjamin.


They would get done for copyright if they made a Harry Potter video game(MMORPG or whatever genre); They don't own the rights to create or publish a Harry Potter Video game.