Magical Cooking Class

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IRL i have been a professional Chef for over 10 years. I have been a Supergeek and addicted Hp fan for way longer. Naturally over time my passion for cooking and Harry potter has melded and ive prepared many Harry Potter dishes.Some taken directly from the Hp Books(Mrs weasley Mince Pies, butterbeer,chocolate cauldrons etc) I even made some of my own up like(Devils snare salad,Spicy cauldron stew etc) 

This class would be like a Hogwarts Home-Ed class. The class would ideally be set up for 2nd-4th years as 15 year old may not want/care to cook but the lesson could be expended pass 4th year if WOP leadership thinks it should. The Homework assignments would be mostly RPG based alot like the "Brewing lessons" in potions except cooking! The best part is you dont need to be a super HP fan to do well or take an interest in this class.This class would mostly require people to be creative and find new ways to use the spells that they learn each year and apply them to cooking.  I know from talking to many people on wop that they would love to see this class be made and i would definitely consider being the professor for it if wop leadership considers bringing this into fruition . i would right a book for the WOP library that would contain all the recipes that students would need to complete assignments for all years.

So let me show you an example


Year 2 week 3

Simple Salad 

Professor Reese was busy washing his vegetables in the Prep sink as his class entered. He turned and faced his students. Some of them were jumping with excitement ,others were looking like they'd rather suck on an acid pop then be here.  However the Professor's excitement and passion could not be contained .He greeted his students "Morning students ,Today for your first practical lesson we are making a simple salad. Some students groaned at that but he ahd been prepared for that reaction. 

"Now Now Students,"He interrupted ."A simple salad is one of the most basic dishes to make in cooking and is included as an appetizer in many meals and sometimes a salad can be the entree. itself. Smaller salads are also used as a pallet cleanser in between courses in multi course meals." 

"As you already know from our first lesson,i prefer to cook the muggle way but with a little magical help" The professor layed out his ingredients which included a head of iceburg and green leaf lettuce,2 tomatoes,A carrot and an onion. "I will be showing you how to make this the muggle way and then show you how most wizards commonly put a salad together" The professor quickly pulled out his knife from the sheath along his belt and with a couple quick glides on his honing steel he set to work. His hands quickly and efficiently sliced through the vegetables effortlessly .Assembling a mixture of the lettuces on a small plate.He began to build his salad adding the vegetables on top and arranging them to look absolutely scrumptious  "Done" he said. 

"Now the magical way"  He drew his wand and pointed it at the cutting board and his knife began chopping the vegetables with nice efficiency .He then pointed his wand at his cauldron "aguamenti" the cauldron filled with the water gushing from his wand.Once the cauldron was filled he pointed his wand underneath it "Incendio" and a flame leaped forward and began heating the water . The professor picked up a tomato and tossed it into the boiling water in his cauldron . He looked to the class "Can anyone tell me why i just placed that tomato in Boiling water"  A 2nd year slytherin girl raised her hand  ."Yes Ms Blue" He said narrowing his eyes. She spoke "I dont know,tomato concasse " . "Correct! 10 points to Slytherin house"

 The professor continued with the lesson  "WIngardium leviosa"  he levitated the tomato out of the cauldron  and place it into a bowl of icewater he had already prepared.He looked at some of the confused students "The shock of the icewater will loosen the skin and allow me to make a surprise for you all" He unsheathed a small pairing knife from his belt. "I always advise doing garnishing or detail work by hand. Magic never gets it right" Grabbing the tomato he carefully removed the skin in one long peel and rolled it up. His knife had come to rest after finishing its chopping. The professor Assembled the vegetables and added the cute little tomato rose on top.  "Ms blue , you got the question right ,Do you want a salad?" "I know i know it doesnt have a dressing but we will cover that in our Sauces lesson". 

"Okay students your assignment for today is to make a salad,I have all the ingredients  you need and even some extra ingredients if you wish to experiment." He gestured to the basket of ingredients next to him and waved his wand as the assignment appeared on the nerby whiteboard . Ill be walking around and checking your progress."Dont be afraid to ask for help if you need it."

For your assignment this week I would like you to write an RPG or diary entry about the lesson today.You should include in your assignment:- How you made the salad (ingredients, steps, method etc)- How you felt making the salad .Whether you required any help- Your sources


Remember to keep your homework REALISTIC. It is your first attempt at cooking in a class environment. Copying will result in a Troll grade. Have fun with it and include lots of detail!


Should you need any help my inbox is awaiting your owl


John Reese

Ravenclaw 2nd year

John was excited as the professor told them they would be making salad. He had started to try and eat healthy and this seemed like a great lesson for that. He quickly grabbed some ingredients and returned to his bench . He layed his ingredients out he had picked up an onion,carrot,cucumber tomato and a beautiful head of Boston Bibb lettuce. The first thing john did was to wash all the vegetables. "Always wash your veggies" he said to the student next to him who was giving him a weird look .John picked up his knife and set to work. He loved to cook and had signed up instantly for this new class when he had heard about it.  

John loved thinly cut vegetables. He began by cutting the tomato in half and slicing it into thin strips.He pointed his wand at the onion "Diffindo,Diffindo ....Diffindo" using the severing charm he had peeled and cut the onion into thin strips.  He peeled and cut the carrot and cucmber. However before he cut the cucumber he had peeled some of the skin off of it in thin lines all around the vegetable and now the circles of cucumber kind of looked like cogwheels. "Thats so cool" john said to himself.  He took the head of lettuce and chopped it into medium sized strips ."Alright... I got this" john said confidently as he began to prepare his salad. He chose a plate from the plate rack it was a Nice white plate with a Dark blue trim and the House Crest of Ravenclaw on it. John liked it very much. He began setting the Slices of cucumber around the edge of the plate creating a circle.Inside the circle he stacked his Lettuce. John wanted to make sure the lettuce looked tall and that it fit well on the plate. He added his vegetable on top of the salad and wiped the edge of the plate where some tomato juice had spilled.

He walked forward and presented it to the Professor "Hows this professor" . A fork appeared out of nowhere and the professor was eating his salad."This is actually really good reese" "Top Marks for today" John left the class hungry but satisfied that he had earned a good grade for the day and that he didn't need any help to do so. 


My Imagination

Professor Reese's guide to magical cooking (Book that i would make for the WOP library)

As you see this lesson was really basic . In future lessons i will be adding more magical ingredients and each year we will have a couple of Dishes taken directly from the Hp books. Furthermore we will have fun experiment lessons were we mix potions with food or we try new ingredients  This class will resemble Muggle studies in a lot of ways.I will showcase the muggle methods of cooking as well as wizarding methods. Recipes will of course advance in difficulty as students advance through the years. i Have many ideas for lessons .Trust me people ive got a bunch more surprises behind the curtain I hope this idea gets considered.