Achievement points

Rodrik 5 years ago updated by Jada Nightflame 5 years ago 4

My idea is to have Achievement points(Nothing to do with house points) Each Achievement is worth a different amount of points, So some 10 some 20 or 30 etc, then you can see the total Achievement points on a total in your profile, this is a great feature as it get's people wanting to get Achievements and people wanting to get a high amount of points. (If you need more INFO I can give you some)

Thank you for reading my idea! <3

- Leon (Rod)


Love this idea! And perhaps add some more... there are people who have earned around 50k points total but the highest point achievement is 2500. (Also I love your murloc icon.)


Sorry, but I don't think that's necessary. It may be a cool gimmick, though.

But I agree with Evelyn, there could be some more/higher achievements.

Necessary, no, not really, but it would be a nice touch and not all things that are in WoP at the moment are necessary ^^ They just add to the fun!