Problem with the Profiltext

jenkatou 4 years ago updated by Tricky Lee Crestwell 4 years ago 5 1 duplicate

I have a Problem, if I write in my Profiltext. 
If I save it and want to edit it, there come more <br> Codes so my Text looks terrible. I hope you'll fixed it

Thanks in advance

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I think there generally is a .. wrongness about paragraphs on the site, if you're a normal user or a VIP.


I'm a normal User. I know tha VIP can use HTML to make their profil more fanatstic but it's bother me. It will be nice if you can fix this.


this is an issue with me too, as when I change my faceclaim, I state it in my profile text and I have a lot in my profile text and it looks horrible with the extra spaces which <br/> cause


I think the site adds paragraphs where you have already added them which I think is the same as the <br> thing which is really annoying when I try to write my backstory lol

I just had this exact problem I've tried to edit my backstory to fix the spacing / paragraphing five times but it keeps negating all my work and making everything look worse and harder to read than it should !!!  :(