Cheaper Quidditch Equipment

Yeison Shultz 5 years ago updated by SemillonIvaNova 11 months ago 4

Who can honestly earn close to 2,000 Galleons for a broom?? There should be more ways to earn Galleons.

The reason why may be to give it away as a prize and to help encourage you to work hard for it perhaps?


And it's actually even possible to earn 8k Galleons to purchase a Firebolt.

On most WoP sites that I am on, quidditch equipment is gifted to users on the quidditch team at the end of the season based on what you did, how well the season went, how long you have been with the team, etc. Not really a good idea for sites to reduce the prices, as it is already easy to save up for it in a matter of weeks.