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Jada Nightflame 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

See how many times you've eaten which food, see how many galleons you've spent, see how many assignments you've graded, see how many times you've fainted, see how many days in a row you've logged in, see exactly how many anagrams/riddles you've guessed correctly AND how many you've guessed wrong, see when you got/left a specific job, I'm sure there are more and I'd be happy to come up with more tomorrow!


Why would this be denied? A lot of people like seeing statistics about their character and comparing them. I personally love seeing these in other games and going through them every once in a while.

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May be because I posted a similar idea already? Mine was Achievement Progress Tracking, so your suggestion may be considered a duplicate

Yes, but this is like an upgrade of that, since it doesn't only shown achievement progress, but also fun facts..