LGBTQ+ Pride events

Luke Star 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 5

I think it would be cool to have LGBTQ+ pride events.


Maybe you could explain what LGBTQ+ pride events are for all the dummies among us? ;)

I'm not against LGBTQ or anything else. I just don't like the idea because if we have events for this whats next? Cooking people would want cooking events, Dragon people Dragon events. Understand what I'm saying? An there maybe people out there who disagree with LGBTQ who may even leave the site because they don't like it or feel comfortable there.

Nice idea though.


I think user could do that as private people in RPG topics, if they really want to. Don't see a reason why it would be necessary to have official events and I agree with Avel, too.


Yes I agree a private topic in an owlery would be good. or in the new clubs that students can create.