Musical instrument shop

Jada Nightflame 4 years ago updated by WoPideasblahblah 1 year ago 5

Here, people could buy things like violins, guitars, drum kits, flutes, and so on. This would be so cool for the people with IC family members who make music, or just people that are in an IC band! 


yes it is a great idea, moreover the Music class is coming ^^ I suggest something like this : http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Concordia_and_Plunkett_Musical_Instruments 


This is a really good idea!

As the current professor/teacher of Music on WoP UK, I struggle a great deal with finding requirements for my class. The only music-ish thing to buy at the moment is the Enchanted Music Box from Borgin & Burkes (and I would hardly state that as a requirement) and then there's the Toad, which might be a possibility too.

We could really need a Musical Shop on World of Potter!


Yes! This would be amazing! :)

It can be great but in a magical shop I think it has to be magical instruments or enchanged instruments. A simple guitar I would see as a non-selling thing in the magical world...

Magical instruments, such as self-playing violins would be cool!