Minimum time on grading

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Just as there's a minimum for words, maybe there could be a minimum time for when grading. It would make it less convenient to make a copy paste grading and wouldn't hurt if we talked about a minute or a couple, because the assignment either way has to be read through before grading properly.

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Yeeees! I completely agree. People are often not even reading the homework they grade and it's sad...


A bigger amount of required words will give a lot more quality that a minimum timer. With the timer you can just wait until you can push send without any further


Also a timer may be inconvenient. I sometimes have assignments that have only a few words and I immediately know to grade it with troll and write the feedback within the given 5 minutes.


Yes! I saw so many people grading and not reading :(

But maybe maximum grading a day? like 10? 


It has been up before and there we talked about ppl just opening and wait, it won't assure better gradings... More text required will maybe, but time, not so much.


ahh... and how about less points as a reward for grading... or maybe no points just money. Get rich but do not get points?


No thank u, I am 8+ on one of my users and have already made all homework i possibly can, it's my only way to get higher in points than what peeves give me. I feel it's fair to get 5 points for each grading because you can be punnished if you do it wrong. On the danish there aren't even that many graders, more and more make homework first, so yeah I talk with a background of knowledge that tells me this is fair.


than it would be fair for graduates receive even more points for every grading 

now i do not look forward to graduating   :(   i will enjoy children squabbles more and will grow up slowly :)

hopefully something with more chances for graduates will open ...its sad that they cannot earn other way than grading (which students do as well).

graduating should have more perks. :(

No it would not be fair that graduated recieve more, because some graduated can still make the homework, if they haven't made all of it.


good for them ... still doesnt change that some people just give copy and paste reviews without reading it 


That's why you can and should complain. If you change the time or points, it will be really hard for the assistant teachers because a lot would stop grading.