Extra padding on Profile Texts and Backstories

Somebody 4 months ago updated by World of Potter 4 months ago 2

When you have no VIP on WoP, the text you write is the standard, uneditable Times New Roman. This is fine, but it always really bugs me that there's no gap between the last line of text and the bottom of the page. The padding on the top, left and right is there, but not the bottom, so the box just ends abruptly instead of having a nice gap like on the other sides.

I believe this is also the case with codes, but don't count me on this. At least with VIP, you can add 1 quick line of code to sort it out xD but when you have no VIP, that's not an option and it kind of bugs me.

What I'm suggesting is that you add padding to the bottom of Profile Texts and Backstories. It's literally, like, 10 seconds of work xD so it could be super easily implemented.


Ohhh I know what you mean. It triggers so much.

Hope the fast work is gonna happen ^^