Broken profile picture

Melinda 1 year ago updated by World of Potter 11 months ago 3

I recently got the VIP update and wanted to change my profile picture to a .gif 

When i uploaded it everything was fine and the GIF was working fine, but after saving it, it started to glitch out. Maybe it was broken. I didn't use an URL, I uploaded it directly from my laptop.

So I wanted to change it back, but now i cant access the page anymore. 

Every time i go to "Change profile picture" I get this error code:

Oh no. Something went wrong, but we have been notified. If you are testing, tell us your eventID: 197de6f5f75c4cc696ac9c1de705e495

Has anyone else experienced something like this? If yes, is there a way to fix it?



depending on whichever site you use, you will have to edit the first part, but use that link and it will reset.


I had to change the ending to .de like you said, but it worked great.

Thank you so much!