Other gender option.

Dani Alexander 7 months ago updated by World of Potter 6 months ago 3

I am extremely sad that  this option was not already implemented. I mean, it's almost 2021! Rick Riordan is a man who supports the LGBTQ+ community, and many of this sites users (including me and my partner) REALLY would enjoy another gender option. Technically, it does not matter our gender. But if thats the case, whys the feature even there? I'd extremely appreciate it if you would consider adding an "other" or "rather not say" option on there, because I feel that this would definitely be of use to many of us in this community. Thank you! 

While Rick Riordan, and millions of others also support this, there is little possibility that your topic will be seen as a separate item from all the others. Please search in the suggestions bar for the larger topic for this, so the ideas don't all get lost! If we want this passed, it needs to be as a solitary union, not hundreds of little ones like this. You should also know that this idea has been denied several times before, and has little chance of passing.

Hope this helps <3

Actually it doesn't help, as it only discourages people from writing their ideas and wishes in the feedback forum. 

The MoMs of all sites are still discussing this with the owners, as we (the MoMs) would very much like such an option. However, technically it's very difficult to implement in our current system. The gender we select for our character at the beginning does have a function. Most sites have dorms for girls and dorms for boys in their common rooms (or the equivalent on your site), and according to the owner of the site this separation runs in the background of many other parts of the site (e.g. you can search by gender on the marauders map). This is why it's not an easy addition to make, although we try our best to come up with a solution that fits the times we live in. So please be patient with WoP/WoX <3