Buy VIP with IG Gold.

Team Leo! 2 months ago updated by SemillonIvaNova 2 weeks ago 2

Hello there!

So one night when I couldn't get any sleep and was thinking about my wonderful character's wonderful backstory and code, a sudden thought came up into my weird mind. What if we could buy VIP with IG gold?

I mean, that would be super cool! A lot of people will have the chance to buy VIP, and also even the ones broke like me! Of course, it has to be a high price, like above 1000? It will also make us do assignments, grade them, earn points and more money, which will lead to an active site, which will lead to people recommending the site, which will lead to waaaaaay more people joining the site, which will lead to an even more active site, which will lead to more competitions between people, which will lead to....... See, endless stuff! And it will also increase the positive reviews as far as my pea brain allows me to think >.>

Well, that was my fantabulous idea and I hope you guys think about this! It will really make me and the others who can't or are not allowed to buy VIP happy ^-^

Bye and have a great day!

This idea, like many times before, will most likely be denied, as any user after a few weeks can reach 1000 of the highest in-game denomination of currency. VIP loses its magic if everyone has it, and nobody wants that!