Custom Profile Banner (VIP USERS)

Wilbur Wright 12 months ago updated by SemillonIvaNova 11 months ago 1

I think that VIP Users could have the chance to get a custom banner in their profiles. It would be another reason to get VIP.


This would be another reason to get VIP

Profiles will look nicer and cool!

People have complained about their banners being ‘Not their theme’ And its ‘out of place’ With their IG Character.


This may make the site theme out of place.

I hope you consider this, as it would be very great for the WoX/WoP sites!



This does not make a lot of sense, as it is a lot of work just to allow VIP users to have a special image. If a banner does not work with their character, they can simply use <br>, <hr>, or <div></div> tags to make you have to scroll beyond the banner. A good idea, but not one likely to be implemented soon.