Making a Club with IG gold.

Grace Elizabeth 8 months ago updated by SemillonIvaNova 7 months ago 2

I often have ideas for clubs/associations on all of the sites, but cannot afford/doesn't want to spend money on a site. Just a suggestion, because people may be on any Wo sites, and they might not have money to spend on a site.  The price of IG gold/money should be high, so you can still earn it, and there should be a limit to how many clubs you can make with IG money. Like after making 1 you need to pay IRL money.  


The reason why the clubs are priced is due to the fact that clubs will be abandoned quickly and just would be created on a whim. It was like that when it got implemented, so €1 isn't bad in comparison to how clutered it would be and how many will just be inactive.


Another good idea at it's core, but there would be far too many clubs on the club page, and how would you price it? $50,000? It is too hard to moderate individual clubs if users can simply wait out the interest in the bank on one account, then buy a club with this. You can, however, suggest specific clubs to be available on all sites if it related to directly benefiting the site.