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purchase crystals in game

callie gemini oleander 11 months ago updated by World of Potter 8 months ago 3


I think it would be lovely if we had to option to buy crystals in game!

They wouldn't need to serve a specific function, they could just be pretty things that could sit in our chests...

Crystals are canon, Neville uses an Amethyst pendant for protection, Fleur's tiara is adorned with diamonds, opal in the cursed necklace given to katie bell, pearls are used as potions ingredients and emeralds, sapphires and rubies are mentioned throughout. (Rubies in Godric Gryffindor's sword, Emeralds in the Slytherin house point sand timer thingy, Sapphires in Ravenclaws house point counter). I also think quartz should be available, as the crystal balls used in divination were traditionally made out of Quartz.

In Dervish and Banges, we already see diamond necklaces and a moonstone ring, why could we not purchase these along with individual crystals?

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This is a site specific request, please contact your MoM about this.


Even though this is specific to WoP, there is no one to send this to, as all WoP sites have the same items, so this is the place for WoP items. Other WoX sites need to be given specifically to the leader of that site.