Mermish Status

Mira Astaret 1 year ago updated by Tenebrent Salven 12 months ago 2

The ability to speak Mermish. It would be a great status to earn in competitions because, like the Animagus status, it isn't over-powered but it would still be worth something. In the Harry Potter universe, it's also extremely challenging to learn. There are at only two people we know of so far who definitely spoke it- Albus Dumbledore and Dylan Marwood, so it's possible although extremely difficult. I believe this would open up many possibilities in topics for conversations with the merpeople of the Black Lake and also elsewhere in oceans and lakes.

In conclusion- the ability to speak mermish would be an excellent status because it's not over-powered or worthless, and it's difficult enough IG to be rare. Thanks for your consideration! <3


I feel like locking this away by a status instead of having your character learn the ability is a bit eh. In comparison to all the other statuses, this doesn't really fit as everything is magical abilities. Barty Crouch Sr. knew for example 50-150 languages himself. So I think as long as it makes sense ingame wise, then it shouldn't be farfetched to know mermish.


Parseltongue is a language as a status, and there is inconsistency on whether it can be learned or not due to certain book and movie events among other canon aspects of it that don't add up to solely being hereditary.

Might as well add mermish as a status.