At home button

Zoey Pallas 10 months ago updated by Henrietta Nagy 7 months ago 1

If your away, you won't faint. You won't be able to do anything until you press the back at camp button. Once you press the button, you will be met with a confirm pop-up in case you pressed it accidentally. If you press yes, you will not faint. The minimum time is 24 hours so people won't abuse the feature. I hope you'll consider this because many people might not be home and won't bring their computer with them for a pretty long time. If they don't keep going into the Dining Pavilian every day they will faint. Thanks for reading this!

I believe fainting option is to encourage the users to come back often and keep themselves fed so they can stay active on the site. And if you do faint it is only an hour which you can pass with chat or do other things once you are back. The lenght of your absence won't change the faint timer, so it won't be longer any way. :)