Option to filter active users on Marauders Map

Jane Roseworth 6 months ago updated by Henrietta Nagy 3 months ago 11

Hi there! 

Allow me to introduce myself! I am Jane Roseworth, currently the backstory leader on WoPnl, as I have been for a while. I would like to make a proposal for an option on the Marauders Map where you can filter active users the same way we are now able to filter name, age, year, sex, house, and blood status. This would make it a lot easier for me and my team to check the profiles of active users.

Aside from this, it would be a good addition to the site for all users, as it will be easier to find people amongst just the active users as opposed to everyone who ever made an account. Because we have a count of 'active users' set on the start url of every WoX I assume there is a way to keep track of this.

Thank you for your consideration!


Love this idea! It would be really nice as HoH too, when for example trying to find players for quidditch! :)


Love it! Would be easier to find a topic partner and to see for a HoH who might be interested in a house team! 


Yes please! I’d love to have this option added. It has so many advantages. 


What a great idea! This should make it a lot easier to focus on the active users for so many purposes. 


I think this is a really great idea. With larger sites it is very difficult to capture all active users. Especially those who have been inactive for a long time. Then you can also check these profiles (which you might otherwise miss).

It would make the work for the background story team easier and more efficient. Lengthy comparisons with the Marauders map would be eliminated.


Elijah Dunham

Leader backstory WoPDe


Omg, this would be so incredibly helpful as I'm a member of the backstory member!

especially since we have tons and tons of inactive members it would make our jobs of checking for profiles and backstories so much easier!

We need this, like yesterday!


Was just about to post this feedback myself as a member of the backstory team! 


Think this would be excellent for heads of house/institutes as well. 

I love to see that more people think this is a good idea. I agree that it would also be very helpful for HoH's!