error message

Elijah Dunham 12 months ago 0

Hello there!

Today a person asked me why the site was offline for more than a week. (spoiler: It wasn't).

She just had this error message the whole time, that something went wrong.

So I thought about what could be changed.

My two suggestions are:

1.) Make the font better and immediately readable (e.g. font color white)

2.) Add another sentence "Please try strong refresh (Ctrl + F5) or clear your browser's cookies and cache".


1.) Currently you have to mark the corresponding text with the mouse pointer to see it at all. With a white font color especially new users will not be confused anymore ("Why do I see a black page without text?").

2.) In most cases strong refresh and deleting the browser data is effective and fixes the error message. Last week someone could not do the test of the sorting hat because he got such an (for him) invisible error message. Only after solving the problem in the chat he could enter WoP correctly and be sorted into a house.

I'm not sure if all (new) users come into the chat with their problem right away, or wait a week or leave the site as described above.

Both suggestions could contribute to less confusion, but the users know immediately what they can do and this reduce the work of the staff.

Of course, users could also give these instructions in the chat, but there is not always someone present who knows this.