Remove the Activation from the Canarycreams!

Ohio Mambo 12 months ago updated by World of Potter 2 months ago 3

Hello my fellow WoX-Peeps,

here on WoP, it is possible to get those canary creams and when you eat them, you turn into a canary bird. It is a very nice idea to turn into a bird - but! Whenever someone turns into a bird, the tweeting starts in the chat. It does annoy a lot of people, and when you ask the people nicely if they can stop it... they don't! You can't write in the Chat without getting disturbed by this tweeting.

I would ask for a better option for this action. Is it possible to remove the tweeting and the only thing what happens is that the person turns into a canary bird? 

you ask people to stop tweeting when it is automatic? Sure it can get annoying, but I don't see the big deal. It is just an hour with the occasional tweeting, which anyone should be able to just ignore, if they want to.

^^ it's really just part of the fun, if the canaried person doesn't like it, I'm sure there will be admin around to mute them for an hour.