Technical Probems in the website

Jay Jason Cauldron 9 months ago updated by Kayte / Angela / Zara 9 months ago 3

Facing technical issues regarding the site

there is some technical problem. i am not able to deposit or withdraw my money from bank of America. Also I am not able to send an iris message.

I does not load the page properly. Like when click on Bank of America , it opens the page but I am not able to deposit nor withdraw the money. When you click on deposit , nothing happens. Similarly, while writing an Iris mail, I am unable to write the name of the receiver of the mail. same with mythomagic cards. You click on the card, Nothing happens. So basically, its not loading the webpage properly. Please look into this issue and resolve it as soon as possible.Thank you,


Hey there Jay,

I would suggest trying to clear your cache. This should solve your issue. :)