Open-sourced translation efforts

Jonas 1 year ago 0

I noticed that on the Danish World of Potter site, there is a different name for "friend request" for when you accept a friend request, and when someone else accept your friend request. It just seemed redundant to me, and I don't think it should be the responsibility of the translators to think of these things, but the development team to instantiate proper guidelines.

Solution proposal
I don't know if WoP already has a GitHub profile for community-related projects.
My solution proposal is to make a GitHub repository containing JSON-files
(or similar, depending on WoP's development environment), containing all translation texts.
This includes locations, books and their descriptions, grades, notification modals, etc.

As of now, there are texts in the Danish version of WoP, and probably many others, that aren't translated, even after many years of activity. A repository would make translation efforts a community aspect of the site, making it less of a hassle for the few administrators on each respective WoP site, since all the texts will be more comprehensible if you know what's translated and what isn't, and have the community come together as a whole to help out.