Complain feedbacks from assistants

Katie Ryan 2 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 2 years ago 1


some people wait really long for the feedbacks of their assignments and sometimes the assistants have to rate it. It can take a little longer - nearly up to two weeks, but that's okay, we all have a life outside of WOX - and when you get the feedback back from the assistant, it sometimes says "You have done well. You've completed all tasks and wrote more than XXX words. I have nothing to complain about your homework" and that's when you can clearly see, that the assistant hasn't even read your assignment completely. Sometimes, they give you an E.E. for a stupid reason and all you can do is send a message to the Instructor! But what are they supposed to do, after talking to their assistants?

I think in these cases, it shound be possible for us to complain the assignments that are rated from the assistants. Afterall it's just one person who gives you a feedback and not five. If we complain the homework, then it should be rated from a different assistant - or in the worst case - from the Instructor. I think that'd be fair!

Best regards from WoPDE,

Antonella Croft/Katie Ryan


I do agree with this. While it is an assistant teacher's job to know how to give the correct grade, anyone can make a simple mistake. If they happen to miss something in an assignment or misunderstand something the user wrote, and they give a grade that the user shouldn't have received, there is no way to fix the grade or give the user the points they've missed out on. 

I do, however, think that users should only be able to submit a complaint if the assignment has been sent to the non-graded or varying grades tabs. Once it has gone to the complaints tab once, it should not be allowed to be resubmitted.