Like and/or comment section inside topics

Khal Lestrange 2 years ago updated by Ryuz 2 years ago 6

So, I believe that, if we didn't want feedback on our writing and if we didn't want people to read our topics, we would just write on a journal instead of here. Most players I know, like to hear feedback on their writing, on their plots and topics - it helps us improve!

With that being said, I would like to propose a section inside topics for likes and comments! It would be super interesting to see the interaction and the reaction of people following your topics. Because right now, we can't even see who follows them!


I feel like a comment section and like feature would ruin the flow of a topic a little bit

Not if it's a separate section, I'd say

I really don't see how being able to like each individual post and having a comment section at the bottom for feedback (similar to on-site newspaper articles) would ruin the topic's flow. But that's just one girl's opinion. 


Because of the people writing. If there are too many things to distract, then it might make things a little more hard to reply to. I know for myself that this would not be good for my topics where I see hearts all over and comments that is not really important to the story. If you like a topic, then just say it to the person.


Coding wise this seems like an unnecessary hassle. Job wise this is just extra work for any Prefect Equivalent as it would fall under their regulation of the forum rules. This would lengthen topics themselves (some already extending into 20+ pages) and overall be a distraction for users when responding. For sure this feature would get abused so I'm going to have to give this a thumbs down. People who want feedback on their writing usually already go out of their way to do so by discussing it with their friends in private, which 10 times outta 10 are the participants of said topic.


Although I get where the idea is coming from, the first thing I think of is just the increased amount of work the prefect teams would have with this feature, and I kind of get a headache just thinking about it as a prefect leader myself. The idea itself isn't bad, but the system would quickly get abused and go out of control with troublesome comments, harsh criticism resulting in fights and so on. Many users, including myself, wouldn't be comfortable with others commenting on every little thing in the topic. Moreover, imagine a new user taking part in their first topic, and immediately get shot down by harsh criticism or unfriendly comments about their character and/or writing. Comments that people wouldn't go out of their way to owl someone would become more common as it becomes easier to send.